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Mobile Watch Application

For building products and software that stand the test of time, paying attention to trends and consumer insights became necessary to understand how to better position businesses for our clients’ dominance.

Smartwatches have seen increased market penetration and a wider range of real-world utilities beyond just telling time. In 2020, the global smartwatch market was about 18.62 billion dollars and is projected to rise to about 58 billion by 2028. With over 100 million units sold globally in 2022, it shows the growing demand for these products. Hence, it opens a new door for investors, designers, and engineers to build applications that can be utilized via this growing innovation.

The watch application allows users to access their bank balances, check their transactions, send and receive secure messages, and view news and updates via the application.

We have designed a smartwatch application for our online banking product based on the growing massive adoption. Now, a person can perform basic banking functions using a smartwatch device without hassle.

We have gone the extra mile to ensure that the user experience remains seamless; customers do not need to input all their data manually; once the application verifies the identity of the watch user and matches it to their online profile on the bank site, their data is synchronized.

The watch app is also customizable to suit your brand so that the app does not differ from the other financial products you have. This app does not need a companion application, as it runs independently of the phone application.

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