Become A Blockchain Bank Merchant

Blockchain Bank is offering you an opportunity to join its vast community of global merchants!

Our authorized reseller program is available to professional firms that meet the target. We are interested in working with firms with expertise in fintech, fintech consulting, and others involved in various forms of financial licensing.

Our product is not just fit but durable. Blockchain Bank is a global brand with footprints in over 60 countries. We offer user-friendly, secure, and futuristic fintech solutions. We have services corporations, fully licensed banks, and other financial organizations like Electronic Money Institutions (EMI), Payment Institutions (PI), Money Service Businesses (MSB) etc. Our clients are guaranteed a white-label product that is futuristic, scalable and secure.

All interested parties wishing to be authorized merchants or resellers could contact us for information regarding benefits and the required process. We are always willing to guide you on on-boarding; hence, don't hesitate to leave your queries with support.

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