Mobile Apps

White-label Mobile applications For IOS and Android

Outstanding User Experience, Compelling User Interface

According to data, 86.29% of the world’s population uses a smartphone, about 6.92 billion people today, with over one billion dollars transacted via smart devices daily.

Even though our web software functions properly and meets consumer specifications, data shows that many people transact with their mobile device applications more than on websites and desktops. BLOCKCHAIN BANK has designed a mobile application for its white-label digital bank software.

Our customers can access all of the features on the site via their mobile devices.

Users can:

· Check their account balances

· Download their account statements

· Transfer and receive funds between accounts and to other users

· Fund their cards

· Access and edit their user profiles

All of these are done securely via mobile device applications. Users also do not need to update the information on the site on their mobile devices; once they log in and verify their identity, their data is automatically synced. The applications will also be tailored to your brand, both design and functionality–just how you want it.

You can access the demo for the applications by requesting a secure link. 

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