Blockchain Bank Modules

Welcome To The Blockchain Bank Mobile Apps For Android And IOS!

Now, users can enjoy all the incredible features of Blockchain Bank via personalized mobile apps. Mobile apps are fully branded to match your style and submitted on Google Play for Android users or the App Store for iOS users through your own developer account. Users can then go ahead and download it to experience banking like never before!

Security Is Our Top Priority!

With our SMS Passcodes (OTP) feature, you'll get an extra layer of protection. When 2FA is needed, you'll receive a one-time password (OTP) via SMS. It's easy to manage in the settings and ensures your transactions are super secure. You'll love it!

Simplify Wire Transfers!

Our SWIFT/BIC module makes outgoing wire transfers a breeze. Just enter the Bank Identifier Code (BIC), and we'll handle the rest. No more hassle, no more mistakes—just smooth transactions!

More Currencies, More Possibilities!

Blockchain Bank offers 33 standard currencies with automatic updates from the European Central Bank. Plus, we can add any extra currencies, including digital/crypto ones. Flexibility at its finest!

Stay Connected on The Go!

Our Apple Watch App keeps you in the loop with your Blockchain Bank core system. We'll customize it to match your style and get it on the App Store for you. Fast and convenient!

For the Crypto Merchants!

Get timely exchange rate info for popular cryptocurrencies with our optional rate feed. It's perfect for staying up to date in the fast-paced crypto market.

Chat With Us Anytime!

Our Intercom Chat Widget is here for real-time support and engagement. Reach out whenever you need help or want to chat—we're always here for you!

Bulk Transfers Are Made Easy!

For business users, our Batch Import Transfer Requests (OWT) feature lets you create multiple outgoing wire transfer requests in one go. It's super convenient and a must-have for frequent payments.

Speak your language!

Our multi-language support lets you view the Blockchain Bank interface in your preferred language. We want to make banking accessible to everyone!

At Blockchain Bank, we empower you with seamless, friendly banking solutions. So why wait? Let's explore all these incredible features together! Contact us today, and let's take your banking experience to the next level!

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